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    The Lego Movie
Studio: Animal Logic
Role: Senior Lighting TD/ Lead Lighter
Software: Maya, Nuke, Prman, Glimpse (in-house raytracer).
Key lighting/finaled this shot. Also key lit the sequence (based on an early test by Shane Aherne), doing at lest 1-2 passes of every shot in the scene, which were then finaled by Cinzia Pegorin.
  City Chase
I was the lighting sequence lead for this scene. I completed all the Key lighting in all shots shown. I also did the keylighting for the SuperCycle asset. I pushed for a system to insert lights directly into assets (for example cars/street lights), which I liaised with RnD on, as well as demoing the system to the Lego lighting team.
  Highway chase
Shot lighting. I started the keylight for this sequence, which was then completed by Mathew Mackereth.
  House drive through
Key lighting
  President Business
Keylighting, which were then finaled by Aaron Hoffman.
  Relic room
All key lighting for the sequence, including the Ma and Pa scene. This was then handed off to a dozen other artists for finaling. I also did the lighting rig for President Business' head light/flames.
  Game of Thrones (Season 6)
Studio: Rising Sun Pictures
Role: Senior Lighter
Software: Houdini, Arnold, Nuke

Key lighting for all the interior and exterior shots of the Sept of Baelor.
Studio: Rising Sun Pictures
Role: Look Development Lead
Software: Houdini, Mantra, Mari, Nuke

Led a team of Shader and Texture artists to create the looks for Pan. I was the Lead Shader Artists for the Ranger boat asset.
  Bank West
Studio: Method Studios
Role: Lighting TD
Software: 3D Studio Max, Vray, Nuke
Shot lighting.
  The Great Gatsby
Studio: Animal Logic
Role: Senior Lighting TD
Software: Maya, Nuke, Prman
City: Shot lighting
Valley of ashes: Key lighting
Garden: Shot lighting
River: Key lighting
  PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, e3 Trailer
Studio: The People’s Republic of Animation
Role: Lead Lighter
Software: Maya, Nuke, Vray, 3delight
Led a team of lighters, developed Nuke comp templates and lighting tools as well as key lighting.
  Legend Of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole
Studio: Animal Logic
Role: Lighting TD
Software: Maya, Nuke, Prman
Shot lighting and compositing on all shots.
  Happy Feet Two
Studio: Dr D
Role: Lighting/Surfacing TD
Software: Houdini, 3Delight, Mari
Boat sequence: Key Lighting for the whole sequence.
Crowd sequence: Shot lighting
Surfacing: Feathers and surfacing for 3 penguins.

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